Why join AMPIT?

AMPIT managers believe in the Mission and Values of the Association. They believe that management is a profession which should be supported by continuous training and self-development. All members act in a community which aims at growth through exchange of  experience and methodology  for the development of their own professionalism.

Membership Benefits

  • Certified recognition and qualification of the manager’s professional services, according to law 4/2013
  • Mutual recognition of the managerial status by the AMPIT community;
  • Managerial skills are highlighted through the process of qualification;
  • Constant training and exchange of experience;
  • Become member of an extended network of colleagues with shared values, motivation, attitudes and cooperation;
  • Stakeholders’ guarantee of high professionalism and business ethics.

Services Offered to Members

  • Professional Networking;
  • Representation and promotion of member issues and guarantees for the protection of members;
  • Promotion of the role of professional manager;
  • Special projects for the use and development of managerial culture and values;
  • Access to a number of services and special agreements with selected companies;
  • Partnership with national and international associations and research centers.

How to Become a Member

  • Registration is restricted to managers.
  • AMPIT members, including the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, offer their professional experience and expertise.
  • The AMPIT annual membership fee is € 130,00. This sum to be paid upon acceptance by the Board of Directors. Membership fees are used exclusively to support the activities of the Association.
  • Admission is initiated on line.
  • Any queries can be addressed to segreteria@ampit.it
To apply, click here for the online application:
To request more information, please write to segreteria@ampit.it